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Everyone knows that soda is not a healthy drink. All that sugar is not good for you. So we choose diet soda thinking that it is a healthier alternative to the sugar-filled soft drinks. However, according to a new study, there is a correlation between consuming diet soda and both dementia and stroke. People who drink a diet soft drink each day are at a higher risk.


We don’t have to look far to find someone who is a diet soda addict, drinking these sodas everyday and sweetening coffee with splenda. Yes, there are still people who aren’t aware of the dangers of consuming artificial sweeteners.


Quitting the habit of artificial sweeteners and diet soda consumption is not easy to do.  But now there is an even more very powerful reason to give up drinking diet sodas!


The Framingham Heart Study at Boston University learned that aspartame unleashes havoc on our arteries in comparison with sugar drinks. Which means that drinking a regular soda is not near as unhealthy as drinking a diet soda sweetened with aspartame.


The results revealed that people who drank one or more diet sodas a day were 3 times more prone to having a stroke and nearly 3 times more likely to develop dementia when compared to people who had basically no diet soda at all. Researchers at Boston University believe that substances like saccharin and aspartame can affect our blood vessels and eventually trigger dementia and strokes.


They went on to recommend that people drink more water instead of drinks with artificial sweeteners or with sugar.


To learn more about this topic and discover more reasons why you might want to quit drinking diet sodas, visit the creative healthy family.