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The Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center in North Sacramento, California is creating a culture of caring and empowerment in an area of few opportunities. When you donate your used vehicle through Donate a Car, you can help them fulfill their mission to help the disadvantaged and disenfranchised.

A Neighborhood Service for All Ages

The Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center is committed to creating a neighborhood that continues to grow and progress through programs that help individuals utilize good planning, decision making, and teamwork to live better. Through programs that cater to children, youth, and senior citizens they are helping make a difference in an area plagued by poverty and high unemployment.

Child Programs

Through an after school group, a support service for schools, support program for families, and a summer day camp, The Stanford Settlement is helping children to develop opportunities for healthy friendships, opportunities for leadership, and a chance to learn social skills and develop leadership opportunities.

Teen Center

The Stanford Settlement Teen Center is a voluntary program that encourages youth to stay in school, develop healthy relationships and skills, and offers opportunities for service and employment to at-risk students from 7th-12th grade. Their after school Drop-in center and other supportive services provide a place and a reason for youth to gather for friendship and skill building.

Senior Center

The mission and vision of the Stanford Settlement Senior Center is to promote the importance of senior citizens in a community. Through a daily senior gathering the center offers senior citizens a place to go for comradery, opportunities to serve, and services that help them to maintain their independence and autonomy for as long as possible.

Together is the Best Place to Be

The Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center offers services that support a belief that a community needs all of its members, the old and young included, to stay strong and healthy. These services bring together groups and individuals who might otherwise fall prey to the devastating effects of poverty and sub-standard housing. Your donation can make a big difference to the families, children, and seniors who benefit from your generosity.