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Founded in 1974, The Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation has been dedicated to supporting abused and neglected youth by providing assistance for loving and nurturing foster homes, by restoring vision to the blind with corneal transplant through the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank, by funding health and vision screenings, and other community projects that help to build strong communities. By donating your car, you are helping them to provide these essential services to your community.   


Oklahoma Lions Boys Ranch


The Meadows of Hope (MOH) foster care campus began in 1940 as the IOA Ranch, serving teenage boys in the foster system. They have grown to a 160-acre ranch campus with a focus on keeping siblings in foster care together. It can be devastating for children who have been removed from their homes to not only lose the contact with their parents, but to also lose contact with their siblings. MOH has several family style homes, with full-time house parents, where siblings can stay together in a nurturing environment, and receive the stability and security they need to build a life on.


Meadows of Hope is currently expanding their campus to include more homes in an effort to serve more children in need. They are also adding a community building to their campus, where children can learn skills, sports, have a chance to play and work together. The life skills learned by working with loving adults and fellow youth can serve them well as they approach adulthood and eventual independence.

The Meadows of Hope also provides volunteer opportunities for community members. Being in foster care can make children feel separated from the rest of the community around them. By volunteering to spend time with these children, neighbors and friends can help them to have the support they need to grow and learn with a strong foundation.


Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank


The Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank was first established in 1957 and currently serves as Oklahoma’s only tissue recovery organization dedicated solely to the recovery of corneal tissue for the use in transplant services.

Corneal transplants are performed on over 40,000 patients in the United States each year. These transplants are performed for people whose cornea has been damaged through disease or injury, limiting the light that goes into the eye and blocking vision. Through corneal transplant, the gift of vision can live on, even though the donor is gone. This service is improving the lives of thousands of people each year.

Please consider donating your used vehicle on behalf of the Oklahoma Lions Service Foundation this year. Your gift goes a long way to making your local community a beautiful place.