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Michael Denman is a 27-year old Army veteran who works for Wish For Our Heroes (WFOH), a charity that gives support for our United States service men and women and their families.

WFOH began with a goal to supply one for each deserving military member. No requirements are needed, military individuals just had to be on active duty when a wish is sent in.  

Part of Denman’s duties at WFOH involves a lot of driving. He drove so much doing his charitable work that his previous vehicle accumulated more than 356,000 miles.

Friends of Denman suggested he apply for the nationwide “Keys to Progress” program which is an organization that helps deserving veterans get a dependable newer vehicle. It took some convincing, but Denman finally agreed and applied.




On November 8th, 2018, Denman was awarded a gleaming, refurbished blue truck!




While he may be officially retired from the army, Denman says he isn’t done serving yet. He just puts on a different uniform and serves in a charitable way instead of on active duty.

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