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There are many worthy causes to give money to if you been thinking about donating a car to help others. dLife is unique non-profit organization that assist people with diabetes, and acts to assist other non-profits. Some of the ways they differ and support other diabetes non-profits is:

Make Supplies Available

Although they do raise money for education and research they have much needed diabetic supplies available to those who can’t afford it. If an elderly person does not have the money for supplies, or a parent of a child has lost a job dLife can help give them the supplies they need.

Specify Where Your Money Goes

When donating money to dLife you can specify where that money you are giving will go. You can ask for it to go to education programs in specific communities, give much needed glucometers to a center, and for specific camps for children.

Make Every Dollar Count

When donating to dLife you have the choice to giving some to people in your own town, or give it to a bigger research initiative. This allows for every dollar that you give to really count to what you feel is most important to you. dLife empowers the giver of a donation to be able to not only give money to specific needs but also certain areas. They do not compete with other charities but complement them by supporting their efforts.

Educational Website

One of the great things that dLife offers to those who have diabetes or those whose family members have been diagnosed with it is a portal to information through their website. The dLife website gives links to helpful articles, discusses health concerns such as heart risks, and gives tips for what to eat along with recipes. They also talk about dental health, arthritis, and other medical issues that affect the daily life of those with diabetes. The website has many studies linked to it to help keep people informed on the latest diabetes studies. It is also a way to connect with others who have diabetes to offer emotional support.