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It’s said that there is nothing more American than Mom, baseball, and apple pie. This might be true around the country, but it is definitely accurate in Minneapolis, Minnesota where the Minnesota Twins are ensuring that communities continue to bond together over baseball. The Twins, along with your used car donation, are working to ensure that children and families can play and develop together with a baseball diamond as their common ground.

A Place to Play

The Twins Community Fund was begun with the belief that baseball and softball offer a unique opportunity for communities to bond together over fun and physical exercise. Since 1991, the Twins Community Fund has distributed over $3 million to the building and renovating of baseball fields all over the upper Midwest and Southwest Florida. These baseball field renovations have helped to support local community efforts to join families and young players together.

A Chance to Belong

As part of the Twins Community Fund, they participate in the international RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner cities) initiative that is sponsored by Major League Baseball. This initiative, with participants in over 200 cities around the globe, engages male and female youth in the game of baseball in inner city environments. By providing an opportunity to belong to a diverse group, learning to work and play together, the Twins RBI program in Minneapolis and St. Paul seeks to help these Minnesota youths learn lessons of determination and teamwork that will help them succeed later in life.

An Invitation to Play Ball

Through their Play Ball! program, the Twins Community Fund is helping to expand baseball and softball opportunities in Minnesota through education, increased collaboration, and promoting the value of volunteering to help youth connect through physical activity and community involvement. Organized sports provide the perfect space for youth to learn how to deal with success and disappointment, effort and reward, and sportsmanship in a positive environment. The volunteer coaches, parents, and mentors who get involved with the Play Ball! program have a profound impact on the lives of the kids they serve.

Your generous donation makes a difference in the life, outlook, and perspective of youth across Minnesota and the upper Midwest. Please consider donating your used vehicle to Donate A Car and helping a love for the game turn into a love for community.