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It's free, easy and fast.
1You find a charity.Or call 1-800-237-5714.
2We pick up your vehicle.Free next day service.
3We help the charity sell the vehicle.You may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Donating a car to a worthy charity is easy and a great way to help people, the community, and the environment. One of the great organizations that is helped through car donation is EarthShare. EarthShare strives to engage organizations and individuals in making and maintaining sustainable and healthy environments. This is how your car donation helps EarthShare:

EarthShare Charity

EarthShare is a well-established national non-profit organization that has been around more than 25 years working to support important causes that impact the environment. Currently the EarthShare organization uses money for programs that care for communities around the world and has raised over $300 million. The money supports programs that help with public health, air, water, land, and wildlife. Individuals are able to contribute through their workplace by participating with the EarthShare @ Work program, which encourages giving to conservation and environmental charities. Hundreds of state charities and dozens of national organizations are now represented by EarthShare. The charities that EarthShare represents are committed to protecting our quality of life, natural resources, and our collective health. America’s most honored conservation and environmental charities are represented through EarthShare. EarthShare has been given high ratings by independent charity evaluators for their sound fiscal management.

How Do I Donate My Car

Donating your car to charity is easy. You can call and speak to one of the representatives at DonateACar, or go online to and fill out their online form. A person will then be dispatched to pick up your car, usually in less than 24 hours and it is free. If you have any issues with getting your title the representatives at DonateACar can help with that as well. DonateACar accepts most motor vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, trucks, vans, watercrafts, boats, RV’s, and much more. The donation of your car may be tax deductible and you will usually receive your tax paperwork only a few weeks after your car is picked up. The amount of tax deduction is dependant on how much your car sells for at auction. If you have any questions simply go online and look at the FAQ or speak directly to a representative.