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Dog Lover Knits 450 Coats and Blankets For Shelter Donate a Car

Who says you can’t make a difference as you get older!


89 year old Maisie Green has a great love of dogs. She took that love and began knitting blankets and sweaters to benefit the dogs at the Basildon Centre. She’s actually been doing this for a long time.


In fact, over the years she has personally handmade around 450 items for these shelter canines.


As a regular volunteer at the Dogs Trust Basildon, Green works to make life a little better for these less fortunate puppies. The shelter cares for up to 1400 homeless and stray dogs at any certain time.


The shelter has encouraged the locals to help support the animals by donating sweaters and blankets to make the dogs for comfortable. Community members can also volunteer one-on-one time with the dogs to help them learn to trust humans.


Green isn’t the only one inspired to help these shelter dogs. Another younger resident co-founded a nonprofit organization that makes organic vegan dog snacks for the pets of homeless individuals.


What can you do to make a difference in your area?


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