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Ranken Technical College Employable Skills Donate a Car

For a high school graduate to have success in the workforce, he or she must have employable skills. While It’s true that technical skills and specific subject knowledge are very important to employers, employable skills are crucial for a student’s professional achievement.


We’ve teamed up with Ranken Technical College to share the top employable skills students need to learn for their employment success. Ranken is more than just a technical school, they provide hands-on skill training and know-how to guarantee each student makes the grade.


Donated cars for college students at Ranken allow students to receive the top-notch trade school education and training for a variety of careers such as in automotive, construction, electrical, information technology and manufacturing.


As a student learns how to govern himself or herself in today’s workforce, he or she becomes more equipped to find success in a vast range of careers.


Essential Employable Skills to Learn

  • Interview Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Working with a Team
  • Workplace Etiquette
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Accepting Criticism
  • Workplace Communication
  • Appropriate Use of Workplace Electronics


How To Cultivate Employable Kills

While employable skills are developed, it’s good to give students chances to practice what they learned in real-life settings like an internship, guest speakers, co-op programs, or mock phone calls. Here are some ways that a student can learn the importance of achieving these skills:


  1. Competitions that are Skills-Based. Competing in nationwide or local competitions like SkillsUSA, focussing on preparation and career exposure can help students build an appreciation for hard work. Competitions like these allow students to become passionate about developing greater skills and give them an opportunity to test their skills in high-pressure, real-life settings.
  2. Role Playing. Make cards that state various scenarios and comments. Have a student choose a card and model the appropriate response to that scenario. Have their peers evaluate the student giving feedback if his or her response was effective.
  3. Actively Listening. With students sitting back to back, have one of them state instructions and verbally lead the other one in creating a drawing. Students will learn how to actively listen to give effective clear directions, without looking at the drawing.
  4. Mock Phone Calls. Find a local business that will participate in a cold-calling project and have students make mock phone calls to the business’ team members with the goal of making a sale. When the project is done, have the business team members give feedback on the students communication techniques and skills. Students will learn the harmony of listening and talking as well as how to prepare for a presentation.


Learning these essential employable skills will stay at the core of a student and be transferable to whatever employment he or she undertakes. These skills are also as critical to obtaining a job, as much as learning a specific trade.


The leading technical college in Missouri is Ranken, making it a smart choice for anyone motivated in building a successful career. A student graduating from Ranken, doesn’t just receive a tech degree, they graduate ready to work.


When you donate a car for a college students at Ranken, you help a student develop skills to be successful in the workforce. You also will receive free towing of your vehicle and may qualify for a tax deduction.