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Do you love your job? Enjoying or detesting your job is a major cause of stress in life. Did you know that about 70% of employed Americans are in search of other employment?


As part of National Mental Health month, we have partnered with Mental Health America (MHA) to talk about ways we can increase wellness and happiness in the workplace.


It is also a great time to donate a car for Mental Health America to show your support in promoting the overall mental health in our country. Your car donation can help improve the life of someone struggling with mental illness.


Less than a third of Americans are content with their job. In fact, more than half are checked out. An unhealthy and dismal atmosphere at work is not good for business and is detrimental for employees. If you are wondering if you have a healthy workplace, take this survey from MHA.


When people feel supported and valued it helps build a positive environment. In healthy workplaces, everyone shows respect for each other.


Here Are 8 Ways To Create A Workplace That Is Mentally Healthy:


1. Productive Environment

Create a space that is clean, well lit and functional. This means a space that is clean, well lit and functional. It also includes having a good working relationship with employees and managers where appreciation and incentives are expressed and given. A good environment requires that signs of sexual harassment, intimidation and bullying are absent.


2. Livable Pay

This encourages commitment in order to help keep a sustained workplace.


3. Reasonable Accommodation

There should be reasonable accommodations at work for mental and physical disabilities.


4. Health and Wellness

A thorough health insurance plan should be provided that includes substance abuse, weight loss, and smoking-cessation.


5. Open Conversations

Communication lines should be transparent and allow for everyone to contribute and feel invested in the company.  


6. Accountability

Employees should be willing to support co-workers and management. Managers should allow employees to give feedback anonymously.


7. Healthy Balance

Options at work should support keeping a balance in everyone’s work and life needs.


8. Positive Values

An organization that is definitive and transparent about what they stand for and follows those values will instill that same desire in their staff.


If you share the vision of a healthy America with MHA, consider a vehicle charity donation to help support the needs of those living with mental illness.