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If you have a dog that you love and has been a big part of your life then you will love this story.


Jon Tumilson had always wanted to be a Navy Seal and he passed away living this dream.




Jon was a family man who showed great love for his friends and family. He was the kind of guy who would do anything for anyone. Jon’s mother once explained that Jon lived for his family at home and for his Seal family around the world.




Hawkeye was Jon’s buddy. A faithful labrador retriever that often went on runs with Jon. He would take Hawkeye to the beach on his days off.



In the fall of 2011, Jon, a Navy Seal Petty Officer was serving in Afghanistan. On August 6th, the unthinkable happened. While involved in a special operation, his helicopter was shot down and crashed, taking Jon’s life along with 37 other American service men.


The loss of Jon was devastating for all his friends and family, and for his canine buddy, Hawkeye.


This grieving pooch missed his buddy immensely.




During the funeral, Hawkeye led the procession of friends and family following the casket and stayed by the casket. Showing his loyalty and faithfulness, Hawkeye lied down by the casket refusing to leave.




Today at the Rockford Fossil and Prairie Park, a bronze statue of Jon Tumilson and his dog Hawkeye is displayed in honor of his life and sacrifice.




You may wonder what ever happened to this loyal heart-broken pooch? That has a happy ending. He was taken in by Scott Nichols, a good friend of Jon’s. Scott took care of Hawkeye when Jon was deployed overseas and Jon has willed Hawkeye to him.  


You can read more about Jon on