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The Firefighters Burn Institute has been supporting rehabilitation treatments, treatments for burn survivors, and public fire safety education since 1973. Founded by Captain Cliff Askell and the Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 with the intention to open a burn treatment facility where burn survivors could receive the specialized treatment they require. With your car donation you can help them accomplish their mission. It is an easy way to make a difference in the lives of those who need it.

Burn Center

Many burn victims face years of recovery and adjustment because of their injuries, which are categorized as some of the most severe forms of trauma. The special requirements of these injuries demand special treatments that are more easily administered in a burn center. Burn victims need a multi-faceted approach to treatment because burns effect so much more than just the skin. The interdisciplinary treatment model available in burn centers gives burn victims the best chance to not only survive but to increase their quality of life.

Firefighters Kids Camp

One of the most notable program that the Firefighters Burn Institute supports is the Firefighters Kids Camp. The camp accepts young school age burn victims ages 6 through 17. Dealing with the pain of healing from severe burns can be anything but fun, so the camp staff works hard to provide as fun an experience as possible for the youth.

Little Heroes Preschool Burn Camp

Little Heroes Preschool Burn Camp is for young burn victims between 3 and 6 years old. This camp gives families who face the unique challenges of burn survivors and meet other families who are also traveling that difficult path. With support for survivors, siblings, and parents this camp strives to support the entire family while they deal with emotional and physical aspects of the healing process.

Youth Firesetter Program

The Firefighters Burn Institute Youth Firesetter Program is designed to provide education, psychological services, diversion opportunities, and assessment for youth who have been found setting fires in the past. With 73% of all fire injuries occurring in the home, this program has the potential to prevent both injuries and jail time.
If you are looking for a way to help people in your community, please consider donating your vehicle to the Firefighters Burn Institute through Donate a Car. There are families who will be so grateful for your generosity.