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donate your car for kids with cancer

When a child has been diagnosed with any type of cancer, he or she will need to adapt to new ways of living and coping. Each family’s situations may be varied from running the child in for frequent testing at a medical center to having their child in a hospital setting without normal everyday interactions. This can be quite trying for a child who has been used to being involved in many activities and social settings.


We have teamed up with the American Children’s Cancer Foundation (ACCF) to brainstorm ideas for activities that children with cancer can do to still keep a sense of fun and normality in their lives. The ACCF’s goal is to improve and bring joy to the lives of kids who are suffering from cancer. You can donate your car for kids and help the ACCF empower a child and their family affected by cancer.


4 Types of Enjoyable Activities for Children with Cancer

1. Writing.

A creative outlet for a child to express his or her feelings of hopes and frustration is by writing. Creating a personal blog online can provide a means of connecting with others in the same situation, providing parents assure it’s done in a safe environment. Simply writing in a journal can be therapeutic or even doodling on a drawing pad. Writing a fictional story or even a play can be a great way of expressing feelings that can’t be spoken so easily.


2. Creating.

Grab some of those puffy paints at the craft store and a blank T-shirt, bag, or hat and let a child use the paints to decorate it. This activity can be done on those days when he or she doesn’t even feel like getting out of bed. Other creating activities might include making friendship bracelets, coloring or playing with legos.


3. Stretching.

Simple yoga postures aren’t stressful and can provide strength and flexibility to a child’s body. There’s no competition or winners or losers. It’s just about the movement of the body. Breathing and relaxing techniques can help a child who is having anxiety from medical treatments.


4. Table Play.

Playing can help a child be distracted at a hospital setting or when sick at home. Play with modeling clay, play doh, or model magic can bring a new creative element to the table. Other ideas include scratch art, mosaic kits, stickers, sticky mosaics, 3D wood craft kits, painting kits, and origami kits. When you are choosing a craft play kit, be sure to consider their interests.


We hope that engaging in these four types of activities can give a child with cancer a creative outlet for managing the challenges he or she faces.


Remember that a cancer car donation to the ACCF can help support the needs of a child struggling with cancer. Consider giving your old vehicle a new purpose today.