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With courage and conviction, United States Soldiers have been facing danger and serving around the world for as long as our country has existed. For the last 70 years, the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) organization, has been doing everything they can to ensure that the men and women who have sacrificed their youth and health to secure the freedom of all, have what they need to have as much freedom and mobility as possible, here in Maine, and everywhere else in the nation. With your generous car donation through Donate A Car, you’ll be helping to fund continuing research of spinal cord injuries and programs to help increase mobility and accessibility for our paralyzed veterans.

Advocating for Veterans Benefits

The Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Veterans Benefits Department is the largest department in the PVA organization. As advocates for our severely wounded veterans they are often there at a soldier’s bedside, representing them in hospitals, fighting for their benefits, insurance claims, and ensuring that their medical and financial needs are met. The incredible cost of medical care for a soldier that is paralyzed can be emotionally crippling. Paralyzed Veterans of America wants to ensure that the energy that could be wasted on worry is spent where it should be: on healing and learning to maneuver and function in a world where mobility is limited.

Improved Quality of Life

The over-arching goal of the PVA is to improve the daily quality of life for our paralyzed and severely wounded veterans. One of the ways they do this is to support research that is leading to more healing, less pain, and increased mobility. Through PVA supported research, scientists have learned that nerve damage is reversible and continuing research is searching for ways to restore neurological function and to rewire nerves that have been damaged or severed.

Continuing Education

Research is just the beginning of knowledge. PVA also supports taking that knowledge and turning it into useful education for medical professionals and for individuals and families dealing with the reality of spinal cord injuries. These educational efforts teach professionals the latest research and how to apply it to their patients and teach patients what is available to them and how to ask for it in their own lives.

A Grateful Gift

Oftentimes our military men and women are viewed as parts of a whole. Soldiers. Strong, secure, and part of a team. For soldiers who come home with severe injuries, the feeling of strength and security can be short-lived, and instead of feeling like part of a team, they often feel alone in their pain and loss of physical ability. Your generous contribution to the PVA is just one way to express gratitude for their sacrifice and remind them that they aren’t alone. There is a grateful nation here for them, ready to ensure that they have what they need.