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Human hearts long for home during the holidays. We want to be safe and warm, surrounded by the love of friends and family. Sadly, many American families don’t know the comfort of a safe, secure home. But Habitat for Humanity in the Greater Peoria area is doing everything they can to change that in their corner of the world: Illinois. And you can help them. When you learn how to donate a car through the Donate A Car charitable giving foundation the funds from the sale go to help Habitat for Humanity in their goal to create stable communities.

The Heart of Community

The Habitat for Humanity community believes that family homes are the heart of a community, and that families living securely in those homes can stabilize and revitalize communities that are threatened by poverty and lack of education.

Through the Habitat for Humanity efforts, first-time home buyers help build their own home and the homes of others, learn how to manage finances in a way that leads them to financial security, and develop a sense of community with those they serve with and who serve them in an effort to build a home.

Habitat for Heroes

Habitat for Heroes is a national initiative that focuses on providing a home, employment and volunteer opportunities for military men and women. This effort, on behalf of those who have left their homes to help make others safe in theirs requires the active donation and contributions of individuals and organizations. This service helps many military families readjust to life back in a community. The opportunity to work alongside neighbors and friends in building their own home is a powerful way to cement solid local relationships.

A Brush with Kindness

Habitat for Humanity does more than build homes, they also help to organize volunteers and resources to help those who are limited by finances or mobility in maintaining the exterior of their homes. This effort helps to build community ties, preserve existing homes so that they remain available for housing, and increases the value of the home. Sometimes the best service isn’t doing something new, it’s preserving what is used, needed, and already in use.

Your generosity can help fund the supplies that go towards helping families find a home that is safe and gives them an opportunity to be thriving, contributing members of their society.