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For National Lupus Awareness Month, we have joined with the Lupus Foundation of America in providing  some ways to manage the impact that lupus may have on your family.


The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) works to lift the quality of life and ease the suffering for everyone affected by lupus. They provide advocacy, support, education, and programs. A car donation for lupus can help someone affected by this painful disease.


When a loved one is diagnosed with lupus it affects everyone in the household. Responsibilities must be shared, daily tasks redistributed and household members must try to be flexible.


Here are 4 Ways to Manage the Impact of Lupus On the Family  


1. Keep Good Communication

The most crucial step to help your home life be as normal as it can is to keep communication lines open. Fears can be lessened when information about symptoms, treatment and prognosis is shared. Knowing the level of pain and tiredness of the loved one with lupus can help family members know when they can help out.


2. Be Considerate of Emotions

There may be an array of emotions experienced by everyone in the home. The person with lupus may feel guilty about not being able to do things he or she once did. Some family members may feel unhappy about the changes in their routines and accomodations having to be made. Older family members may feel discouraged, or have a fear of their loved one dying. Having patience and understanding with these emotions in yourself and others can help ease the stress in the home.


3. Be Accepting of Help

For a parent who has lupus, the less stressed and more well-rested you are, the more quality time you will be able to give your children. Be willing to reassign your duties and chores. Allow friends, neighbors and relatives to call on you and even help you with some of your parental responsibilities.


4. Continue With Goals and Dreams

When you have a disabling illness, others can sometimes identify you with that illness. This is especially true for children. Be aware of these psychological well-being issues. It is important to focus on things that you can do. Some activities may need to be adjusted, yet it still important to allow yourself to strive for your dreams and goals. You can adjust them as you go. Lupus does not need to control every aspect of your life.


There are some great resources on family life, relationships and parenting with lupus on the LFA website.


If you would like to donate a car for a health charity, consider lupus. So many lives are benefited through car donation for lupus. It’s easy to donate using our online car donation form or by giving us a call at 1-800-237-5714.