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Nearly every person in our country has been affected by cancer, whether having it themself or having a loved one who has. Perhaps the hardest situation is when a child gets cancer. It can be heartbreaking to see a youth or child have to suffer from such an awful disease.


This is one reason why we love the non-profit organization: The American Children’s Cancer Foundation (ACCF). The ACCF works hard to empower children affected by cancer and their families. They help improve their lives and bring joy to them in such a difficult time.They support each child individually by providing help, education and support for their family.


5 Ways To Help Children Going Through Cancer Treatment


1. Donate Your Car for Kids

One big way to help is to donate your car for kids with cancer through our Donate-a-Car program. Your old car can help bring new life to a child going through cancer treatment. The proceeds from your vehicle donation can help the ACCF provide personal assistance to a child with cancer and their family.


2. Instead of Asking, Act

It is common to tell a family in need to just let you know if there is anything you can do. However, it would be much more helpful to simply say that you would like to bring in a meal and ask when a good time is. Simply state how you would like to help or ask them what their greatest needs are and then ask if you can meet them. Some things might be to transport or pick up a sibling from school, invite a sibling over for a playdate, or help with their laundry as you do  your own.


3. Give a Gift Card

Having a young boy or girl with cancer can put a big financial strain on a family. Expenses range from traveling, parking, take-out meals, groceries, pharmacy needs, and other medical needs. One parent might be missing work to care for their child and have a loss of income. A gift card for gas, grocery store, or take-out would be greatly appreciated.


4. Remember Them Later On

When a crisis comes into a home, like a childhood cancer diagnosis, most people want to help right away. It is always nice to be remembered months later as well. A cancer diagnosis is a long haul of treatment and recovery. Giving a gift card, an act of service, or even visiting the family a few months down the road can help to boost the morale in a child and family struggling with cancer.


5. Communicate Words That Show You Care.

Most often people just don’t know what to say that can be helpful. In an attempt to say something soothing, sometimes we say things that minimize their distress. Instead, try to say words that offer assurance. Things like: “I see this is so hard. I’m here if you would like to talk about it.”, “My thoughts and prayers are with you.”, and “I am here for you whenever you need me.”


While every child and family is unique, most families are strengthened by the support and love given from family and friends. Showing you care through your words and actions is a powerful way to help a child and family affected by cancer.


Your cancer car donation can go a long way in helping the ACCF give support, needed gifts and financial assistance to a child with cancer and their family. Donating a vehicle is free and simple. Just fill out our online car donation form or give us a call at 1-800-237-5714 and we will tow your car at no cost to you.