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It has been said, that there is nothing as painful for a parent as watching a child suffer through a long-term illness or losing them to death. Most parents, whether they have suffered such an experience or not, would probably agree. At Edmarc Hospice for Children in Virginia, they make easing that pain, and being a support for families during their time of need, their top priority. If you’ve ever wondered how to donate your car to a charity, Edmarc is a wonderful organization to inspire your efforts. By contacting Donate a Car and using our easy online form, your car can be donated on behalf of Edmarc, and the proceeds from the vehicle will go to benefit those tiny hands and hearts that require long term and end of life hospice care.


Comfort During Crisis

Hospice is, by definition, end of life medical care. For any parent, the recommendation to remove a child from the hospital and putting them into hospice care instead, where they receive medical care for a life threatening or life-altering prognosis. This recommendation can be fraught with hopelessness for family and caregivers alike, but at Edmarc, they focus not on the end of a life, but on the importance of every day in a child’s life. By providing critical support to families during those times of crisis, Edmarc allows parents to be parents, siblings to be siblings, and normalize their life as much as possible.


Nursing Services

Many children require advanced medical care because of their health, but do not need to be in a hospital full-time. This is where Edmarc steps in. By providing nursing services to children in their homes, these nurses have the unique opportunity to help parents love and care for their children in as normal a way as possible. They help parents take each next step along the journey with their child.

The nurses with Edmac provide so much more than just medical care. Their work with parents who are grieving, hoping, and hurting provides comfort in a way that is desperately needed for those who are living through an experience that can often feel hopeless. This professional care can ease some of the burden of worry and care that a parent feels at such a time.


Volunteer Services

Edmarc also uses many volunteers who go into the homes of children in hospice care and do just about anything that needs to be done to ease the worry of a parent or child. From weeding the front walk to washing the dishes, these volunteers offer a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes it is simply the companionship of another human being, who knows what you’re going through, that means the most to a parent at such a time.

It is often the volunteers and nurses who celebrate with parents the small victories and wrap their arms around a family member during setbacks. No matter how long a child is in hospice, Edmarc is committed to being there for the child and for the parent. Easing the burden on tiny hands for as long as they are needed.