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Have you ever found a baby bird that has fallen out of it’s nest, or an injured one laying on the side of the road? It is hard to know how to help these types of animals that are in need of medical assistance. The Wildlife Care Association is a non-profit organization that helps these types of animals. This independent and volunteer based group depends solely on donations. Here is how you donate your car to this charity:

  • Call or fill out the form on the Donate A Car website.
  • Donate A Car will arrange a pick update for your vehicle.
  • Make sure to have your car’s title to give to Donate A Car when they pick up your vehicle.
  • If you have lost your title let them know when you contact Donate A Car and they can help you get a replacement document.
  • Donate A Car will mail you tax forms shortly after your vehicle has been donated so you can receive the correct deduction when filing your taxes.

More About Wildlife Care Association

Over 6,000 sick, injured, or orphaned animals are brought to Wildlife Care Association each year by other agencies and concerned citizens. 70% of these animals are birds, and many have life threatening injuries. The WCA provides essential medical assistance to these animals with the help of vets, staff, and volunteers. After the animal has fully recovered and are able to take care of themselves again they are released back into the wild. Currently in the Sacramento area where the Wildlife Care Association is located other agencies such as the zoo’s, veterinary clinics, and the County and City Animal Care can not care for orphaned and injured wildlife, and they are giving to the WCA. In March of 2007 the Wildlife Care Association celebrated their 25th Anniversary, as a part of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association.

The Mission Statement of the Wildlife Care Association

The WCA is dedicated to the preservation and management of the wildlife habitat. The Wildlife Care Association is pledged to the rehabilitation and release of rescued local wildlife, giving animals a second chance at life.