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a refugee child

The conflict in Syria is nearing a decade and your every-day citizens are those bearing the brunt of this large humanitarian calamity. An estimated 500,000 people have been killed since it started in 2011.


Children make up 10% of all the Syrian refugees. Can you imagine spending your childhood in such a nightmare? While a school setting can bring much-needed security and stability for children in such a setting as this, it’s estimated that more than 400,000 Syrian kids have not been in school.


With all the mothers, families and children who are displaced and separated, you may wonder what you can do to help. Here are some ways you can offer assistance to those in need.


Donate Money

Money donations to organizations that are helping is a big way you can help. Some we recommend are:

  • International Red Cross. They work to help Syrians who are still trapped. They help ensure children are properly cared and fed, treat the injured and get families to safety as soon as possible.
  • International Rescue Committee. They help refugees get food, education, and employment and have been offering humanitarian aid for Syrians since 2012.
  • White Helmets. This is the Civil Defense of Syria and they are on the ground assisting Syrians in Aleppo.


Support Medical Needs

An organization called Doctors without Borders (aka MSF) offers life-saving medical care for Syrians in Aleppo and surrounding countries like Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. Many Syrian civilians have been under siege, bombed and in need of assistance. Displaced citizens and destroyed or short-staffed hospitals have created a huge medical need that MSF tackles. They operate 3 mobile clinics in northern Syria and 5 healthcare facilities and also partner with other agencies for help.


Work For Refugees

Many refugees cannot provide income for their families. You can double your support with your money and time donations to help them when they can’t work. The war-like environment coupled with the lengthy process it involves to obtain work visas makes it difficult for refugees to feed their loved ones. You can donate a small amount of your earnings to show support. #WorkforRefugees


Assist with Legal Issues

Practicing attorneys and law students can attain more experience to master the law by helping refugees. Use your emergency legal skills for those who need help the most. Navigating complex laws through immigration status can be difficult for refugees. The International Refugee Assistance Project organized lawyers and law students to enforce human rights for displaced persons. Consider working or joining with this group to help protect the rights of thousands of refugees.


Translate For Refugees

If you are a gifted bilingual, particularly in Arabic, you can lend your time and skills to help. Consider donating your time by translating for Syrian refugees. You can help refugees understand there new environment and their rights.


Write a Letter to a Refugee

You may be thinking that you are not a doctor, law student, attorney or bilingual, so what can you do? You can give support to a refugee by writing a letter. Your letter can let them know that they aren’t alone. You can offer hope and support in your words. CARE sends letters to refugees.


We might not all be able to take on all of these ways to support refugees, but we can try to imagine being in their shoes. We can read their stories, talk about the Syrian conflict with others, pray for them, and work towards stopping this large humanitarian crisis.