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Immunotherapy, a revolutionary treatment for cancer, gives hope for improvement for overall outcomes for patients. The Cancer Research Institute is focused on providing new and improved immunotherapies. People who donate cars can rest assured that The Institute uses all donations to help with prevention and treatment of cancer. Here are some ways that The Cancer Research Institute is helping progress immunotherapy:

  • Oncology care has been greatly improved with immunotherapy with better side effects and an increase in survival rates. As new information is introduced, treatments will continue to change as they are integrated with immunotherapy.
  • Clinicians are continuing to find ways to improve patient success with immunotherapy.
  • Since not all treatment is effective for each patient, immune biomarkers are being identified, developed, and improved to make sure every patient can obtain the most beneficial treatment for their type of cancer.
  • Combination therapies have shown to have a lot of promise in early trials. A high priority has been placed on creating strategies that will continue to improve individual immunotherapies along with combination therapies.
  • Patient outcomes can expected to improve in the future through immunotherapy technology and recent breakthroughs of the scientific design of treatments.

There is still much more that must be discovered about cancer and the immune system. This is crucial for helping immunotherapies to progress and reach it’s full potential, along with how the immune system interacts with cancer in changing environments that can be very complex. The next generation of immunotherapies will be influenced by several factors that will help the most optimal outcome of immune-based drugs, such as cell-based therapies, cancer vaccines, and re-engineered oncolytic viruses.

More About Cancer Research Institute

The Cancer Research Institute was created to help advance new therapies to prevent, control, and treat cancer by mobilizing the immune system. Founded in 1953, the Cancer Research Institute, is seen worldwide as offering hope for effective treatment and prevention for cancer. Research centers and universities receive support from The Institute. The Scientific Advisory Council, who makes all funding decisions, consists of Nobel laureates, members of the National Academy of Sciences, and immunologists. The Institute focuses on using donations in way that they will have the most impact on cancer research.