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This year the USO is celebrating it’s 75th year of supporting service member in more than 180 locations. Service members can simply request one of the many USO services if they’re stationed in a war zone or overseas. If a service member is unable to visit one of the remote locations physically, the USO can come to them though Mobile USO or the USO2GO program. Car donations can help fund the following large range of programs for the USO:

Mobile Entertainment Gaming Systems

Rugged and small containers filled with a variety of entertainment options make up the Mobile Entertainment Gaming System, and are available in remote locations for service members to play video games or watch movies.

Care Packages for the Holidays

Snacks, decorations, games, and DVD’s are sent in USO Holiday Care Packages around the world to help service members be able to celebrate holidays.

Partnership with United Through Reading

The USO is dedicated to connecting children with their parents while they are separated. One of the powerful ways the USO is doing this is by using a USO center to read aloud a story to their child which is recorded and then mailed home in DVD format with the book.


Designed to give the most remote service members some of the comforts of home the USO2GO program delivers bundles of personal care items, sports equipment, electronic gaming, and musical instruments.

USO Mobile

Service members in the United States have access to Mobile USOs during military exercises and big events to give service members a place to relax and also a place for support during times of crisis in the community. The Mobile USO offers Wi-Fi, climate control, movies, and video games along with TV’s and laptops.

Operation Phone Home

One of the services most requested, Operation Phone Home allows for a private phone network to make phone calls home for free, provides high-speed internet along with computer access to keep families connected during all the important time of life.

Transition 360 Alliance

After completing military service, the USO supports the transition to civilian life. The USO helps service members identify a civilian career path, reintegrate in the community, and maintain a strong family relationships.