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nspiring Insights Learned From The Tragedy of 9-11_Donate a Car

In America, September 11th is observed as Patriot Day, a National Day of Service and Remembrance for the attacks that happened on September 11, 2001. Although not a federal holiday, this day we remember those who died tragically, and those who gave their lives trying to save others. 


This year marks 18 years since we sat as a nation, stunned and horrified, watching our TV screens as attacks on our country by terrorists unfolded. Yet through all this time, we have learned a lot. Our lives may never be the same, but we can all be profoundly touched in some way. 

Here are some of the things we have learned from 9/11. 

  1. Life is precious
  2. Miracles still happen
  3. Heroes are everywhere
  4. America is vulnerable
  5. Crisis can bring unity
  6. We can all do our part
  7. Courage makes a difference
  8. We are at our best when times are at their worst
  9. People do care about each other
  10. Terrorism has many faces
  11. Terrorism affect everyone
  12. Little things matter
  13. We should make every moment count
  14. Good can come out of evil


Little Things

Many people who might have died in this tragedy were spared because of “Little Things” that kept them from being where it happened:


  • One was with his son who started kindergarten
  • One missed his bus
  • One had a vehicle that wouldn’t start
  • One was stuck on the New Jersey turnpike due to a car accident
  • One couldn’t get a taxi
  • One went back to answer the phone
  • One had food spilled on her outfit and had to change
  • One had a kid who dawdled and didn’t get ready in time
  • One was wearing new shoes but developed a blister on the way and stopped for a bandage


This makes you think that next time you’re running late, turn back to answer the phone, or are stuck in traffic; is this where you are meant to be at the moment? It could be your higher power intervening on your behalf! 


Perhaps the next time your morning is crazy, you can’t find your keys, the kids are slow getting dressed, or you hit every traffic light; you won’t get as frustrated or angry. You may just have angels watching over you. 


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