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It’s not a secret that playing video games all day and munching on junk food isn’t the most healthy for kids. Sure, in small doses it’s okay but as a way to pass the time during their entire school break, it’s not the best.


This is why we have teamed up with the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation in supporting programs and activities that benefit the health and wellness of children. Your Dodgers car donation helps children in under-served communities be included and have access to sporting activities. Your car donation can go a long ways in promoting good health and building leadership skills for kids.


Here are 8 ideas to help keep your kids more active:


1. Make a Schedule

One thing to help keep your kids from lying around in front of the TV is to have a daily routine planned out. You can plan a daily itinerary according to your child’s age that gives them time for their interests, activities, chores and down time.


2. Assign Chores

When you child is responsible for age-appropriate household tasks, they learn accountability and division of labor. They don’t have to be difficult tasks, you can assign simple things like: watering the plants, folding laundry, pet care, helping with cleaning and taking out the garbage.


3. Limit Screen Time

Just because there is no school doesn’t mean that screen time limits get tossed out the window. It is healthy to keep these limits in tact. You can offer a few more minutes of screen time as an incentive for doing chores or extra service around the home.


4. Focus on Activities

Kids need a minimum of one hour of physical activity every day. Make a list of activities that can help keep them off the couch. Try a workout routine together. Play volleyball, basketball, tennis or any other sport. Allow your child to attend a swimming class or another active interest. Plan outdoor time in your schedule that may include things like: time at the local park, roller skating, bike riding, playing catch, walking the dog and playing with neighborhood friends. Don’t forget to keep your child hydrated during these times.


5. Sports Team or Membership Classes

Sign your child up for a sports team or fitness class that they might enjoy. It’s a great way for your child to interact socially while also getting more fit.


6. Summer Camps

One great way to get your child engaged outside the home is enrolling them in a summer camp. Check out the array of summer camp options in your area that match with your child’s interests. Options typically include sports, art, science, music and more.


7. Home Project

A project at home can keep your kids off the sofa. Home improvement projects like painting a bedroom, decorating a room together, building a fire-pit in the backyard, or restoring a piece of furniture can give you and your child time together.


8. Family Games

Dust off those board games and start a new tradition playing table games as a family. When parents join in playing, kids love it. Create a scavenger hunt, play hide and seek or some of the old games you played as a kid. Kick the can, tag, hopscotch, jump rope, marbles, hula hooping, four square, dodgeball and chinese jump rope are just a few to get you started.   


It’s too easy these days for kids to get stuck indoors in front of a screen. We hope these ideas help to get you and your kids more active this summer.


To help children who don’t have access to or resources for better health and activities, donate a car in Los Angeles for the Dodgers Foundation charity. Your support helps them harness the power of the Dodger brand and fan base to greatly impact children in need.