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The mission of the Children’s Miracle Network is to help kids by raising funds to help support children’s hospitals, and they are committed to keeping funds in the community where they are raised to help the local children. If you’ve ever asked yourself “should I donate my car to charity“, here is a great organization that is well established and has helped millions of children, which makes it a worthy cause for car donation. Here is more about the Children’s Miracle Network:

History of Children’s Miracle Network

Established in 1983 the Children’s Miracle Network organization has fund raised by one dollar at a time. The total estimate that this nonprofit has raised is more than $5 billion dollars. This money has gone to over 170 children’s hospitals to help children get the medical care they need along with research, training, and equipment. The first way the Children’s Miracle Network raised money was through a telethon which was hugely successful, and is still done today. They also raise money throughout the year with the help of many organizations.

What’s Happening Today

Every minute about 62 children enter a Children’s Miracle Network hospital to receive treatment. These hospitals help treat genetic diseases, cancer, traumatic injuries, birth defects, broken bones, and many other childhood ailments. Children’s Miracle Network is the largest children’s charity of it’s kind, helping more families everyday. They provide hope, comfort, and treatment to more than a million children every year.

How Can I Help?

By donating your car to charity you are able to help raise funds to Children’s Miracle Network. You can go online or call DonateACar to arrange your car to be picked up. Your car is often picked up within a 24 hours time span and you receive the paperwork from the sale of your car with in a couple weeks. The money from the sale of your car is then donated to the charity of your choice. The sale of your car is tax deductible, and the information you need for taxes is included in the paper work from the sale of your car. If you have questions on whether or not your vehicle is eligible for donation you can call and speak to one of their helpful representatives. They accept a variety of vehicles: cars, trucks, motorhomes, motorcycles, watercrafts, and much more. You can feel good about helping children get the medical care they need.