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Imagine making a donation to a nonprofit organization simply by taking a picture on your phone and submitting it on an app? How easy would it be to donate household items to those in need?


U.S. Army veteran, Paul Tocci created an app called ReSupply that does just that. People can donate furniture, clothes and other items hassle free while simultaneously providing for the charity donated to.  

Military Vet 

Tocci thought of the idea during his graduation time from the US Military Academy at West Point. By the end the year, he noticed that cadets had all kinds of items to get rid of and with no place to donate them, they just tossed them away instead. He saw this was a big problem. People needed a way to donate their household goods.


So Tocci decided to make it super easy. He developed ReSupply, not just for those who were in the military who move often, but for everyone.


The ReSupply app was recently launched in Jacksonville, Florida, where it is having great success. Users find it super easy. One woman named Deidre had a lot to give like a coffee table, dining room set, and a china set. She called a local restore and they told her to use their new way of scheduling donation pickup on the app. Previously Deidre had never heard of it. She liked that she didn’t have to wait on the phone or go back and forth to set up scheduling. She just went on the phone app and scheduled the date convenient for her and they came out the day she requested.


resell store


The manager for one of the charity’s claims this is a game changer. In the past, organizations didn’t receive images of items they were picking up. With the app, they are able to see what items that are being donated and it helps them have an idea of how they can sell it in their stores. This creates less wasted trips.


The ReSupply app also helps nonprofit groups by providing logistics to schedule pickups in a way that saves manpower, fuel and time. This can save these charities quite a bit of money. Like in Deidre’s donations which were hassle-free for her, and turned into helpful income for the charity.


Currently, there are 5 Jacksonville nonprofit organizations to select from when using ReSupply with more donating options certain. Already 9 more charities are expected to be added as well.


ReSupply App


Donating is easy. First, you select a charity. Then you choose a time for pickup. Last you take a picture of the item and submit it. If your item is declined by the charity, it goes into a queue where a different charity has the chance to pick it up. Then you will receive a digital tax credit for your donation.


There is another perk. There is 24-hour support through hired and trained military vets to help with any snags that might pop up.


Tocci stated that ReSuppy is set to be available for all major Florida cities by the end of 2018 with projects to be nationwide by the year 2020.  


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