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Our disabled veterans have given their all to serve us and preserve our freedoms. That’s one reason why we are happy to partner with the Paralyzed Veterans of America and their Mission: ABLE campaign.


Showing support for this program is simple when you donate a car for veterans of America through our easy online form, or by giving us a call at 1-800-237-5714.


The Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Mission: ABLE campaign helps severely injured veterans have access to care, jobs and benefits, which is what these heroes deserve. ABLE focuses on 3 main elements of recovery and transition to ensure our country’s brave vets are:


  1. ABLE to receive benefits.
  2. ABLE to get quality health care when they need it.
  3. ABLE to acquire training and employment opportunities.

Comments from disabled veterans about Mission ABLE:

“I lost my job, I lost my house, I had to start over. I’m not afraid of the future now. I have a career. I love my job.”

“I am a paralyzed veteran. We answered the call. The day I suffered injury was pretty unforgettable. Paralyzed Veterans of America Mission ABLE campaign help to provide veterans like me with access to care, benefits and jobs.”

“September 11th happened my senior year. I wanted to serve my country. I just remember sitting there trying to move my legs. They focus on the accessibility for our lives. And Paralyzed veterans of America is on a mission to help.”

“I served because it was always my dream. It was an obligation I felt like I had to this country. I thought my life was ruined. America’s disabled heroes are ready, willing, and ABLE to rebuild their lives. They help me get to a point where I am now. Where I can have a job, have a family, and live life the way I want to live life.”


Supporting the Cause

These programs and services are completely FREE of charge to disabled veterans who need them, helping them enjoy a better quality of life. You can help by purchasing products that are specially marked for Mission: ABLE, or you can donate a car for the Veterans of America. Proceeds from your vehicle donation go directly to the Paralyzed Veterans of America and help them in serving our disabled vets.