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The story of Noah Currier is inspiring. A former Marine who served in Afghanistan, Currier suffered a traumatic accident that paralyzed him from the chest down. He remained in a funk for six years. What got him out of that funk, you might ask?


He became addicted to sports. Actually, it was because of friends at the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) that Currier recaptured his ambition for sports. He gives the PVA a lot of credit for changing his life, claiming they had his back from the minute of his accident for the rest of his life. Now Currier enjoys skydiving, rowing, weightlifting, skiing, hand cycling and rugby.


The Paralyzed Veterans of America helps thousands of our vets and you can support them too, with your generous car donation to PVA. Give us a call or use our easy online form and your car will be towed for free and will help benefit one of our paralyzed veterans.


Paralyzed veterans can regain their motivation by participating in sports that they have enjoyed before and are now adapted for them to enjoy again.


Participating in sports can have these benefits:

  • Help develop friendships and teamwork
  • Improve health and strengthen the body
  • Support positive mental health
  • Build confidence
  • Build drive through healthy competition


Adaptive sports include wheelchair basketball, quad rugby, and softball. With the goal to help more paralyzed vets along with other disabled individuals get involved in high-energy sports, the PVA launched a new Fitness and Wellness program that includes sports like Wheelchair racing, handcycling and triathlons. They also have their own Racing Team comprising of paralyzed vets and other vets with disabilities that compete across the country.


Some of the adaptive sports the PVA has available for participation are:

  • Billiards
  • Bass Tour
  • Bowling
  • Racing & Fitness
  • Lacrosse
  • Shooting Sports
  • Gold Open (PVGO)
  • National Veterans WHeelchair Games


With persistence and funding, any paralyzed veteran or disabled person can enjoy and benefit from adaptive sports.