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Every year in America there are millions of pets abandoned across the country. Some of these pets are discovered on the side of the road, others are surrendered to shelters, and in quite a few cases, some are found in horrendous conditions.


Sometimes a pet owner wants to get rid of their pet so desperately that they will tie them up and leave them near a shelter, abandoning them to the elements. Many of these animals are injured or sick when they are finally found. These are sad cases as these pets are left to suffer intentionally.


The key to preventing animal neglect and abandonment is education. Many pet owners are clearly not aware of how essential their love is to a pet. The key to preventing animal abuse are more robust anti-cruelty laws. Laws that include harsh penalties and that empower sufficient social control. Weighty penalties that are enforced will curb cruelty and help stop events from happening over and over by offenders.


Here are 7 ways that you can help prevent animal neglect and cruelty:


1. If you see animal abuse, report it.

Whether you see an animal being neglected or physically abused in any way, report it to your local animal shelter right away. Animal neglect in any form usually requires counseling by an animal control officer. Abuse of an animal requires the animal to be removed from the home. No matter what the case is, your report will guarantee an improved life for the pet. As a witness, your name will be kept confidential by the animal control officer.


2. Know the difference between domestic abuse and animal cruelty.

There is a firm connection between any kind of domestic violence and animal abuse. When witnessing any type of animal abuse in a home, call your local animal control right away. Your small phone call might be a means to provide more help for the family. Animal control officers are trained about domestic abuse and if they see the signs of other abuse in the home, they will report that to social services.


3. Teach kids to respect animals.

Children watch and learn how to treat pets from their parents and elders. Every time you interact with animals, remember that you are setting the example for the young people around you. Always show love and respect for the animals in your life. Kids who show cruelty to animals grow up into adults who are cruel towards people. So teach your kids to have compassion.


4. Volunteer to foster a pet.

The best method for helping an abused or neglected pet is to become a foster family. A foster family provides a loving temporary home for injured, neglected or abused animals before they become adopted into their forever home. You can help speed up their recovery by providing love and care in your home.


5. Donate to an animal shelter.

Find out what items are needed at your local animal shelter and donate them or donate money so they can purchase those items. Often shelters need things like animal beds, food, blankets, toys and an assortment of veterinary care items. You might consider throwing a party and asking your guests to bring items to donate to your local shelter.


6. Donate a car to an animal charity.

Here at Donate a Car, we work with many nonprofit organizations that help animals. If you have an old or used vehicle you no longer use, consider donating to a charity that helps animals, like the Humane Society of the United States. The money received from the proceeds of your old car will go to that charity and benefit the animals they serve. Check out our Find a Charity page and select “Animals” and click the “search charities” button for a list of approved and trusted charities.  


7. Support legislation that encourages animal kindness.

Search out the legislation in your state and support those introduced that promote animal welfare.