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Across the world more than 65 million people living as refugees. With wars, political unrest, and cultural and religious persecution running rampant many individuals and families find themselves on the wrong side of social upheaval for nothing more than what they think and believe. Christian Freedom International is reaching out to these minorities to ensure that they have the basic necessities to provide for the care of their families and the support to work towards religious freedom in their homelands. You can help them in their cause by donating your car on their behalf. The proceeds go towards relief efforts around the globe to Christians who find themselves in the position of a persecuted minority because of their beliefs.

Physical Ministry

Much of the assistance provided by Christian Freedom International (CFI) is to provide for physical needs. Minorities in oppressed areas often find themselves the victims of mob violence, physical abuse, and eventual homelessness if persecution persists. Money for food, clothing, shelters, and child sponsorship is provided by CFI to local groups and church ministries in areas of the world where Christians face persecution for their beliefs.

Educational Ministry

Because of differing beliefs Christian children are often shunned and excluded from scholastic opportunities. CFI supports the Huai Kalok Bible Institute in Burma where students have the opportunity to study academics, financial management, computer programming, agricultural management, and vocational training.  This school helps many religious refugees from Pakistan and Burma to learn and put their learning to good use.

Medical Ministry

The opportunities for proper health care among refugees and oppressed minorities are few. CFI supports a Center for the Blind and Disabled among the impoverished people of Bangladesh. This center provided education, books in Braille, and white sticks for the blind.

Resettlement Ministry

Through the CFI “Freedom Inn” in Michigan, refugee families learn to integrate into a new society, learn about their new neighbors, and find support in a loving environment. The Freedom Inn caters specifically to Christian refugees from Burma, providing affordable housing, education, and work training opportunities for new refugees.

Your donation can make a huge difference in the life of a refugee, many of whom left their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs. If you have an old vehicle that you aren’t using anymore, please consider donating to Donate a Car and helping a refugee family find a new life and a new future.