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In the spring of 1973 a group of Midland, Texas community members noticed that some of their neighbors were struggling to make much needed improvements to their homes. They decided to work together, donating their time and resources, to help those neighbors improve the safety and beauty of their homes. The project was so successful that they did it again every year until in 1988 they organized themselves into a national charity called Rebuilding Together. Today, they work on home repair and refurbishing projects annually, helping low-income families all over America to have safe, healthy homes. And you can help too by donating your car through Donate A Car and turning your unused vehicle into a service opportunity.

Volunteers On a Mission

It’s the dream of most people to one day own their own home, but for some, once that dream is achieved they struggle with the continued upkeep on a home. Low income families often purchase less expensive homes that have smaller price tags, but larger problems to solve. Rebuilding Together helps low income families improve their homes, making them safer and healthier to live in, by organizing volunteers and gathering funds for supplies. With 200 chapters across the United States, they organize over 100,000 volunteers to serve on over 10,000 rebuilding projects.

There are many members of American communities who benefit from their help. The elderly, who want to stay in their homes but may be unable to do the heavy repair work necessary; wounded and disabled veterans who find it difficult to maneuver without handicap accessible entryways; low-income, single parents who struggle to find the time and extra funds to repair their homes. All of these individuals benefit from the generosity of friends, neighbors, and volunteers who believe that making the world a better place begins in their own communities.

Your Old Car = Safer Communities

By donating your old vehicle to Donate A Car you can help Rebuilding Together in their mission to improve communities across America. Donate A Car makes it easy by providing at home car pick up service and information to use your car donation as a tax deduction. Consider donating today, cleaning that old car out of your driveway will improve the homes of many families around the country.