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It wasn’t until Eugene Bostick officially retired several years ago that his most inspirational work began.

Soon after retiring, Eugene plunged into a new type of career. He became a train conductor for stray rescued canines.


This spunky Texas native in his 80’s never planned on committed his retired years to assisting needy dogs. In actuality, it was a chore shoved to him due to the callousness of others.




You see, Eugene lives on a dead-end street where his brother and he have a barn. Strangers would sometimes drive by and dump their dogs there, abandoning them to starve. He and his brother would find these dogs and feed and care for them and also take them to the veterinarian to be neutered or spayed. They created a home for them to live.

After many years, Eugene has taken in an array of abandoned canines. More than just offering them a safe place, he created a means to bring them happiness too.



The farm that Eugene has offers a lot of room for the dogs to play and run. However the retiree thought of a way to take them on fun little trips as well. He was inspired to build a dog-specific way of transportation just for them.

One day while he was outside, he saw a man with a tractor pulling little carts filled with rocks. Eugene got an idea! He could see that same concept as a dog train. Being a pretty skilled welder, he took some plastic barrels and cut holes for wheels and tied them together. Soon the dog train was born.




Now, one to two times a week, Eugene and his current group of canines in his care are found dawdling down little streets around the town or through the forest close to his home. Sometimes they even stop by a nearby creek for some fresh air in their personalized dog train. These formerly unloved dogs have come to cherish these custom rides in their new lives.

The pooches get super excited when they see Eugene hooking up the tractor to the dog train. They come running and hop into their own cart all ready to go for a ride.




Many locals enjoy watching the dog train and love to snap a picture or two. He is considered the coolest guy in town who rescues stray dogs and takes them on train rides.

For Eugene, it’s all about bringing a little joy into this group of puppies.  With all they’ve been through, he enjoys bringing happiness into their lives.

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