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What lengths would you go through to save the life of a tiny helpless animal?


A family living in Florida made the decision to demolish their vehicle in the hope of rescuing the life of a small stray kitten.


Denise Williford-Neal cherished the vehicle that her husband had saved up to buy for her. However, when they found that a 6-week-old kitten had climbed inside their car and refused to come out, they made a decision to do what needed to be done to save the kittens life.


This tiny kitty had snuck up behind the glove box in the dashboard and got stuck. Despite attempts to retrieve the kitty, he remained trapped behind the speedometer. Not knowing how they might get the kitty out, the couple searched online for answers.




It didn’t take long for the folks from Spada’s Total Auto Repair shop to rush over to the rescue. Shop owners, Ron and Valerie Spada could see how distraught the couple was over the thought of losing the life of this small kitten. In response Ron and Valerie closed their shop early to be able to help rescue the feline.


They began cutting away the dashboard and skillfully prying the metal pieces of the car. Then finally, they reached the kitten and removed him to safety. Extracting the dashboard wasn’t nearly as difficult as trying to cut through the firewall without doing any harm to the kitten.




But what a sense of relief they all felt when the kitty was finally rescued.


The whole process took about 90 minutes.




Although Denise and her husband had to sacrifice their vehicle, they felt so happy knowing that the life of this little kitten was saved. Cars can be replaced, but an animal’s life cannot. Even though their vehicle was destroyed, they felt no regrets.


From the time they saw the kitten climb inside their car until it was saved was over 20 hours. They may have lost their ride, but they felt happy to have gained a new family member. They named the kitten Monte, which was after their vehicle. It just seemed fitting and he is a very sweet kitty.


Sweet Monte is now residing with his new family who never gave up in saving him.


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