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Being a single mother can be like riding a constant emotional roller-coaster. There are the times when you get it right and other times when you are overcome with exhaustion at having to do it all.


Amid all the challenges, there are times when a single mom feels the joy of raising her children and

receives support and encouragement from those around her.


Take the case of Mayra Torres, a single mother of five children living in north Texas. A family tragedy left Mayra alone to take care of herself and her kids about a year ago. Due to financial fallout of this tragedy, Mayra was compelled to move in with relatives and give up her only car.


Although it was such a trying time filled with bouts of discouragement, some people became aware of Mayras situation and wanted to do something to help.


The local Children’s Advocacy Center decided to step in and offer some help. Thanks to the Caliber Collision in Frisco and GEICO, Mayra received a new ride! A 2016 SUV was donated to her from the National Auto Body Council’s Recycled Rides Program.



Not only did she receive this new-to-her vehicle, but it was filled with gifts and toys at a surprise event.


Now, Mayra is working full-time as an administrative assistant and her SUV is helping her build a new life from where they are now.


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