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2We pick up your vehicle.Free next day service.
3We help the charity sell the vehicle.You may be eligible for a tax deduction.
Smart Ways to Save Money When Planning Your Vacation - Donate a Car -4mp

Going on a vacation can be like a luxury excursion for many families. While going on vacation can be a great way to relax, bond and create memories, the expense can put added strain and anxiety on a family’s income. Stressing about money is the last thing anyone wants to have interrupting their vacation time.


Here are some brilliant ways you can budget better for your next vacation and enjoy your time away more.


1. Establish a Vacation Budget Before Your Travel

While some trips may be more of a spontaneous endeavor, they may be more difficult to be cost effective. Plan the financial part of your trip far in advance, like at least six months or even one year if traveling internationally. This will give you added time to estimate or determine the major expenses of your trip, like flight, hotel and transportation. Then you can start adding money to your vacation stash each month.


2. Plan Out Meals

Knowing that you and your family need to eat each day of your vacation, do some research beforehand to discover all your options to cover food expenses on your tip. If your hotel provides free daily breakfast for each guest, you can include that in your food plan. If your hotel has a kitchen, you can plan to do some grocery shopping to have items for making meals. Doing a little internet searching can help you determine some restaurants nearby that you can budget for. Finding special discounts and coupons can also help save you money on your vacation meals.


3. Find Great Deals

Taking the time to search out the best deals can save you money as well. Call the hotel and learn if they recommend certain places for inexpensive meals or activities. See if you have any advantages from your rewards credit cards. You may find cash back bonuses or discounts combined with patronizing a certain airline, gas station or company. Discount travel websites might offer an advantage in pricing. Coupon websites like Groupon might have discounts for activities and meals as well. If you travel with family or friends, you might get discounted group rages too.


Vacationing doesn’t have to mean spending loads of money. Take the time well before your trip to do some researching and you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars, making your vacation even more relaxing and enjoyable for sure.