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This month is National Great Outdoors Month making it the perfect time to spend time outside and soak in all the beauty of nature. One charity that cares about our outdoors is the TCIA or Tree Care Industry Association which has a mission to advance tree care business by developing standards of caring for your trees, safety and education programs and management information to benefit people around the world. If you have a love of trees and want to help the the Tree Care Industry Association in promoting the safe care of trees, consider donating your car to the TCIA or EarthShare National.


Trees Can Increase Your Property’s Value

Not only that, but well kept trees on your land can improve your water and air quality as well as reduce your household energy costs. Since we see our trees every day, it’s easy to forget their significance in our lives. However, without consistent care, trees can hastily turn from being a wonderful resource to an expensive burden.


Hiring an Arborist

An arborist is a professional in the management and cultivation of trees, vines, shrubs and woody plants. They care for trees and plants by fertilizing, pruning, checking for diseases and insects, and sometimes transplanting and removing trees.


Be careful of hiring individuals who are fly-by-night arborists. Take your time to research and decide what company you choose to hire for the tree-care on your property. Disreputable businesses are renowned for making costly mistakes like breaking fences, ripping off gutters and even dropping trees on homes and then folding up and taking off never to be heard from again.


You can use TCIA’s search to find a reputable tree care company in your area. You can also check with your friends, neighbors and associates for recommendations of a professional you can hire. Be sure and check things like: licenses, certification, years in business, and professional affiliations. You may also want to check your city hall to learn if your municipality requires a license to use arborists.


Caring for your trees really should be done by a trained, skilled and insured professional, for both your safety and financial well-being as well as the beauty and health of your trees.