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Miss Momo receives donations for a new car

It’s nice to see a deserving person receive some good fortune and blessings! Such is the case with Monica Brewer, known as “Miss Momo” to her students. Monica works at an elementary school in Fresno, California as an instructional aide.


Although Miss Momo is just a teacher’s aid, to her students she is much more than that.

Miss Momo with her students receiving a new car
Image source: the clovis roundup


She has lots of jobs and wears many hats which include being a coach, mentor and counselor for her students. Another vital job that she has taken on is that of a chauffeur.


Often driving her students where they need to go, Miss Momo takes them to their rehearsals, games, events and tournaments when they need a ride. She’s driven them to their out-of-town tournaments, practices and even hauls their equipment and gear for them. She’s been seen bringing uniforms home to personally wash them. She does so much for her students and she loves every one of them.


However, when her car needed to have an inspection, it ended up not passing the smog requirements. Miss Momo was unsure what to do because her vehicle, a ‘97 Geo Prizm, had over 220K miles on it. There was no money for her to get a new car. And to make matters worse, her car was so outdated that she couldn’t find the parts to buy that might fix the problem.


There were searches through junk yards and visits to auto part stores trying to find any parts that might work to fix her car. It was all to no avail.


Her car was her lifeline as well as the lifeline for many of her students.


But Miss Momo’s unselfish service to her students did not go unnoticed. In wanting to help in some way and knowing that others wanted to help too, her sister set up a surprise GoFundMe page for Miss Momo. The page was to raise money for a new car with the goal set at $14,000.


It only took two days for that goal to be reached and even passed. It eventually skyrocketed to over $25,000!

Miss momo's GoFundMe page

Miss Momo had no idea originally that this fundraiser in her behalf was even happening, otherwise she would try to stop it, her sister says. She first got wind that something was up while she was coaching a basketball game. Her phone kept vibrating like crazy with notifications. It was her Facebook that was lighting up with comments from her students expressing how much they loved her.


She wondered what was going on when one of her former students finally told her about the fundraiser. She was a bit overwhelmed to say the least. It all felt crazy to Miss Momo. She felt humbled to the point that she had no words. The love and generosity poured out in her behalf and it was amazing.


Although Miss Momo doesn’t like all the attention for her selfless acts of service for her students, she feels truly blessed and honored to know such great people in her community which she’s been in for almost 30 years.

Teachers Aid Miss Momo receive a new car from donations
Image Source: the clovis roundup


Today Miss Momo has her new ride and is extremely grateful for all those who contributed and shared their appreciation and love to her.

Miss Momo overwhelmed after receiving new car from donations
Image Source: the newswheel


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