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A leading national grassroots organization, The Autism Society, supports and improves the lives of all those who are touched by autism. If you would like to support The Autism Society donating your car is a great way to contribute. Through improving the public awareness of those who are on the spectrum, The Autism Society works to help people day-to-day by offering services and information about education, treatment, advocacy, and research. Here is some more information:

History of The Autism Society

The Autism Society was founded in 1965 by Dr. Ruth Sullivan and Dr. Bernard Rimland along with several other parents who children have autism. The Autism Society is regard as the trusted and leading sources of reliable information about autism. The Autism Society has a strong network of national affiliates that has led a number of local and state legislation which included the Combating Autism Act in 2006 which was the first specific federal autism law. The website ran by the Autism Society is a leading website visited by those looking for information about autism. Autism Advocate is a quarterly journal put out by The Autism Society.

National Conference on Autism

One of the most comprehensive national conference is hosted by The Autism Society each year. More than 2,000 families each year are served and helped on their search for help with their journey with autism.

Autism Society National Office

The national office in Bethesda, Maryland, is the headquarters of The Autism Society. The society is proud to have members serving as part of their leadership that are on the autism spectrum. In 1988 the first member of the Autism Society Board of Directors was Temple Grandin. The top experts on autism are part of The Autism Society’s Panel of Professional Advisors. The Autism Society also has a panel that is made up of people who are on the spectrum to help advocate and create programs for people to live interdependent and fulfilling lives.

The Autism Society Mission

The mission of the Autism Society is to help all people whose life is and has been affected by autism. The society is made up of professionals, families, and individuals who spend thousands of hours volunteering to help improve people’s lives.