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If you are a tobacco user, May 31st may be the perfect time to decide to quit using as it is World No Tobacco Day. We have partnered with the Cancer Research Institute to bring you some great steps in giving up your tobacco cravings.


Remember that you can donate a car for cancer and help someone suffering with lung cancer have a better chance at life.


10 Ways To Resist The Urge To Smoke


1. Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Ask your physician about this. Options include over-the-counter nicotine lozenges, gum and patches; prescription bupropion and varenicline (non-nicotine stop-smoking medications); or prescription nicotine inhaler or nasal spray. These can help you overcome intense cravings.


2. Prevent Your Triggers

Your urge for tobacco is usually strongest in places where you have chewed tobacco or smoked most often like bars, parties, or while drinking coffee. When you know your triggers, get a plan ready to avoid them completely or know how to traverse through them without using tobacco.


3. Tell Yourself to Wait

When you sense that you might give in to your tobacco craving, set a rule for yourself that you have to wait for 10 or 15 minutes (or more). During that time, distract yourself with a something different. Go into a public setting that is smoke-free. Simple tricks like this can offset your urge for tobacco.


4. Chew On Something

Grab some hard candy or sugarless gum to chew on and give your mouth something else to do. Munch on nuts, celery, carrots or whatever is satisfying and crunchy.


5. Say NO to “just one”

You might feel that just one cigarette will satisfy your craving. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can stop with just one. Most of the time, having just one will lead to another and another. Do not let that happen.


6. Get More Active

Engaging in something physical is a great way to distract you from cravings and lessen their intensity. Try running up and down the stairs several times or another short burst of physical exertion can help the craving go away. Go for a jog or nature walk. If you must be indoors try running in place, squats or push ups. Another distraction could be journaling, woodwork, house cleaning or saying a prayer.


7. Try Relaxing Techniques

If smoking was the main way you dealt with stress, try taking that edge off by practicing some relaxation techniques. Try yoga, deep breathing, massage, muscle relaxation, visualization, or calming music.


8. Call for Support

Touch base with a support group, friend or family member to help you not give in to your cravings. Getting together with a group or chatting on the phone can be helpful. You can call this free quit line for support and counseling too: 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669).


9. Find Support Online

Find an online stop-smoking support group or program. Search for blogs that focus on people who have already quit tobacco use and follow them. You can learn so much from those who have learned to control their tobacco cravings.


10. Remember Your WHY

Remind yourself of all the benefits you will have from quitting tobacco use. Write down your driving reasons and repeat them daily out loud. They may include things like: Saving money, getting healthier, saving loved ones from second hand smoke, feeling better, etc. To have a reason why tied to your efforts to fight the urge helps you resist and get close to becoming tobacco free.


Trying something before giving in to your tobacco urge is always better than doing nothing at all. Each time a craving is resisted, you become stronger and closer to quitting for good.


Consider a cancer car donation to help the Cancer Research Institute find a cure and help those affected by lung cancer. Call today or visit our online form to donate an old vehicle, truck, van, motorcycle or even RV to help in this important cause.