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Family life is one of our most rewarding gifts. Keeping our family relationships strong allows each of us to enjoy a better quality of life. While it’s not always easy to stay connected, it can be especially difficult for military families. Having a military spouse who is often away leaving the other spouse to hold down the home front can be very challenging.


The United Service Organizations known simply as the USO, provides centers all over the world that offer respite for our military members. These centers have been a saving grace for many of our service men, women and families. Supporting this great service can be as simple as a USO car donation, which can help keep these centers as a source of comfort and connection for our service families.


USO Centers Around the World

Each USO center provides the same thing for our active-duty military members: a comforting environment to relax and connect while off duty. They can read a book, catch a movie and enjoy free internet connections. There are over 200 locations across the world that the USO operates and they employ close to 600 individuals, the majority of whom work in the field. Simply put, you can typically find a single paid staff person supported by a team of volunteers at any USO Center.


USO Centers in Airports

If you have traveled on a major airline recently, you have likely seen the USO centers in major airports. The space used for the USO is donated by the airport and are often smaller than the centers in other places. Because of the smaller size, these lounges are only open to active military members and their families.


USO Mobile Centers

Large mobile USO centers journey from military exercises to other large events and provide a place for troops to unwind during their off time. These mobile centers are deployed during natural disasters and in places  where they do not have a larger USO center facility. Every mobile USO center provides large screen TV’s, internet access, laptops, video game systems, coffee makers, microwaves, fridges and casual seating. This on-site support helps our troops keep connected to their loved ones at home.


It is a challenge for military families to be apart. This is why we support the USO centers and their work to uplift our hard working men and women in uniform.


When you donate a car for military families, you too can assist in this important work that helps keep family relationships strong and our country protected.