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Did you know that April is National Community Service Month? It is a great time to focus on what we can do to enrich our communities. One way to do this is by cleaning up around your neighborhood. We have teamed up with Keep America Beautiful (KAB) to give you some great ways you can join in and beautify your community.


Keep America Beautiful is a non-profit charity that was organized over 60 years ago to help educate Americans to do things each day to beautify and improve their community. They, like the rest of us, envision a land where each community is clean and beautiful. When you donate a car to an environmental charity like KAB, you help in this cause to keep our country green and clean.


8 Great Ways To Add Beauty to Your Community


1. Clean Your Block.

Be part of The Great American Cleanup of this year. Join or organize a team of volunteers, or even just gather your family and head out to public areas in your neighborhood and pick up trash, pull weeds, and clean up that area. Be sure to wear gloves for safety.


2. Plant a Tree.

Trees add so much to the landscape and beauty of an area. Check for any permits that might be needed, though.


3. Paint.

Painting to clean up an area is great. Like painting over graffiti or painting to freshen up an old fence or wall. However, you can also involve a local art class or students to paint a public mural. Check your city for the laws on public art. A painted mural that depicts the values of your community can be a treasure for many years.


4. Recycle.

See what parts of your community may not have recycling collector bins and check to see what the neighborhood recycling plan is. Make recycling more of a habit in your own family and among your neighbors.


5. Create Spaces.

Whether it’s establishing a small garden area or setting up some benches for sitting, you can create spaces where people can enjoy the neighborhood and each other. See if there’s interest in a community garden where neighbors can help maintain and then share the bounty.


6. Help Neighbors.

Volunteer to help those in your community who need help with their homes and yards. Offer to help paint and repair their home or clear out weeds on their land. Several neighbors helping can do wonders in making a home look more beautiful.


7. Organize a Fundraiser.

Begin a campaign in your area to raise money for something like a new playground equipment, new walking or biking paths, or landscaping of a local park.


8. Distribue Leaf Bags.

When the fall season comes, hand out leaf bags and offer to help your neighbors rake their yards.


Cleaning up and beautifying your community is worth the effort. Getting to know your neighbors and involving them in these endeavors helps build unity in your neighborhood allowing everyone to enjoy the fruits of your labors.


When time and other limits keep you from making the difference you would like to, consider a car donation to environment change like Keep America Beautiful. The proceeds from your vehicle can go a long ways in helping to keep our land clean and beautiful.