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Did you know that June is National Hunger Awareness Month? In a nation where we pay $5 for a latte and we eat out several times a month, it is truly sad to learn that 14 million children still go to bed hungry.


Hunger and poverty go hand in hand, like an unsightly pair of twins. We might not enjoy looking at them in the face, but that is why we have an awareness month. Right now is a good time to do something to help.


We have teamed up with the Elk Grove Food Bank to bring you some ways that you can help fight hunger.


The Elk Grove Food Bank was founded in 1974 and today has over 800 devoted volunteers. They distribute food to over 4,000 children, families, disabled, working poor, seniors, migrants and homeless people. They are one of the most efficient food banks with 94% of each dollar donated going directly to their services.


Here are 6 Ways To Fight Hunger


1. Make Lifestyle Changes

Work to be more responsible in your own life by repurposing, recycling and using fewer resources. Each ton of food piled into our landfills creates more greenhouse gases than a year of driving a car.


2. Donate a Car for Hunger

If you have a car you aren’t using, donate it to the Elk Grove Food Bank to help feed those most hungry.


3. Form a Hunger Action Team

Talk to people interested in helping fight hunger from your neighborhood, church group and family and organize a local community to help. Your team can sponsor food drives, support local food banks, or host a speaker on hunger.


4. Volunteer to Help

Contact agencies in your area that provide food for those in need and see how you can help. You might glean a local farmer’s field, help distribute food in a soup kitchen or drive meals to seniors.


5. Keep Learning More

Consider reading a book to help give you more understanding of causes of hunger and poverty in our country. Consider Nickeled and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich or Sweet Charity by Janet Poppedieck. Educate yourself through research and reading recent publications.


6. Start a Community Garden

It doesn’t need to be anything official, simply start gardening and encourage others to help. Share what you harvest. Teach friends how to garden and they can grow food for a lifetime. You might exchange food you’ve grown for help in your garden.


We hope that all of us can gain the mission of the Elks Grove Food Bank to provide needed resources to overcome the several stages of hunger and human need. A food bank car donation can help provide food access for those who need it.