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It’s crucial to know the harmful effects diabetes can cause to you or your loved ones heart. The American Diabetes Association focus their efforts toward prevention, finding a cure and improving the lives of all those negatively affected by diabetes. You can facilitate them as you donate your car for this honorable cause. Make a positive impact on someone’s life by participating in the Heart Disease Awareness month this February 2017.

Diabetes + The Heart

Having diabetes directly affects one’s susceptibility to heart disease, putting them at a higher risk for heart disease at a young age and severe heart disease. Because of the unusually high blood sugar level found in many diabetics, calcium, fat and cholesterol (also known as plaque) can build up in the arteries of the heart. This can cause chest pain and discomfort, and in extreme cases, heart attacks and death. Even if the plaque happens to clog the artery, a slight buildup can still cause the heart muscles to tire easily and can lead to heart failure. The structure and function of the heart can also be damaged due to the unusual circumstances diabetes can cause in the blood and arteries.

A Healthy Diabetic Heart

Taking prescribed medications and making certain lifestyle changes can lower a diabetics risk of heart disease and other heart problems caused by diabetes. Almost any effort in taking action to be healthy and properly caring for the body on diabetes can improve the health of the heart. Making goals with a doctor to control risk factors, such as increasing physical activity, and/or decreasing the amount of carbohydrates consumed can continuously lower your risks of an unhealthy heart.

How Can I help?

If you or your loved one is suffering from diabetes, one of the most influential things you can do is have a group of loved ones as support that will help treatment goals to be reached. A convenient and monumental way to assist diabetics and the work towards a better future is to donate your vehicle for this cause. Show your support through giving away your car and Donate a Car will pick it up for free and help the charity sell it. Do your part in stopping the increase of heart problems in diabetics throughout the nation today.