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It’s getting that time of year where everyone is looking for ways to maximize their tax deduction opportunities before years end. Many people who have a used vehicle are choosing to donate their car to charity and reap all the benefits from doing so.


The question often remains, what is the best charity to donate my car to?


We have compiled a list for you with charities that have qualified for car donations in the areas that have had the greatest interest.


Animal Welfare Charities You Can Donate Your Car to

AnimaLovers. Helps with vet care, housing and adoption for abandoned, injured, or unwanted stray cats and dogs.

Homeless Animals Rescue Team. (HART) Takes in and finds new homes for unwanted cats and dogs as a no-kill animal support and rescue.

Humane Society of the United States. The largest animal protection agency fighting for the protection animals for more than half a century.

In Defense of Animals. Dedicated to stopping the abuse and exploitation of animals internationally.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Protecting marine wildlife species and the marine wilderness eco system worldwide.


Cancer Charities You Can Donate Your Car to

American Children’s Cancer Foundation. Works to make a significant difference in the lives of families and children dealing with cancer.

Cancer Hope Network. Provides one on one support to individuals going through cancer treatment by matching trained recovered patients with patients currently being treated.

Cancer Research Institute. Improving the care of cancer patients by advancing new research and technology in cancer therapies to control, treat and prevent cancer.

Childhood Leukemia Foundation. Educating, lifting and empowering the life of children affected by Leukemia and their families.

Hirshberg foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. Funds programs and projects to improve patient care and is dedicated to finding a cure for pancreatic cancer.


Children Charities You Can Donate Your Car to

Barrett Foundation. Provides supportive services and housing to mean and children who are stuck in the cycle of homelessness.

Friends of Children with Special Needs. Helping children and families with special needs find hope, respect, love and support through community involvement.

Shaken Baby Alliance. Gives support to victim families to help prevent child abuse and assist in getting justice for innocent victims.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Leading academic children’s hospital caring for children, teens and young adults.


Health Charities You Can Donate Your Car to

American Diabetes Association. Provides an array of resources and information for those affected by diabetes and works to prevent and cure this disease.

Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. Improving the quality of life of adults and children affected and working to cure Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Lupus Foundation of America. Committed to improving the life quality of everyone affected by Lupus by education, advocacy and comprehensive research.

National Kidney Foundation. Dedicated to the prevention of kidney and urinary tract diseases.


Mental Health and Disabilities Charities You Can Donate Your Car to

Autism Resource Center Central Massachusetts. Providing services and support for all people affected by autism.

Mental Health America. Promoting mental health and advocating and education people about mental disorders. Working towards prevention.

Seattle Lighthouse for the Blind. Creating more opportunities for independence for those who are deaf-blind, blind, and blind with other disabilities.


Military and Veterans Charities You Can Donate Your Car to

Any Soldier Inc. One of the leading organizations that makes sure deployed men and women are cared for through packages and letters from home.

Paralyzed Veterans of America. A long time service organization with a unique expertise in helping our paralyzed military veterans lead a better quality life. Offering a large array of programs and services.

USO. Strengthening the U.S. Military service men and women by working to keep them connected to home, family and country.


Youth Development Charities You Can Donate Your Car to

Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge. Facilitating the transformation of teens and adults with life-controlling issues.

Stanford Youth Solutions. Helping provide sustainable chance for youth and their families and helping to empower them to solve their crucial challenges together.

Wind Youth Services. Helping homeless  youth find safety and resources to allow them to move from crisis to a more healthy and independent life.

RAINN Rape Abuse and Incest National Network. Operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline, they carry out effective programs to prevent sexual violence.

A charity that you choose to donate your car to could be promoting a cause special to your heart, or a cause that you truly believe in.