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Pets can be a great addition to any family adding joy, comfort, and companionship. Finding the perfect pet for your family can take time and research. The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation is a great resource to find your next family pet. If you or your loved ones are not ready to adopt a pet but would like to help the foundation rescue animals, donating cars is a great way to lend your support. Here are some reasons why you should adopt a rescue pet:

Less Expensive

Adopting a rescue pet is less expensive than purchasing a pet through a pet store or breeder. Each pet has been neutered, spayed, and given necessary vaccines. Although there is still a price related to adopting a pet, the price reflects the price of vaccination and other medical attention needed, you would still have to pay for vaccination along with the price of your pet if you bought from another place.

Save an Animal’s Life

In the United States approximately 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized every year in animal shelters. The animals are euthanized because they have no home and nowhere to go. By adopting a pet you are literally saving the animals life. The LDCRF works with shelters to help get abandoned and at-risk animals adopted.

Save Tax Dollars

Taxpayers contribute large amounts of money every year to county-funded animal control facilities, which are overpopulated, overburden and participate in euthanizing animals. By adopting a pet instead of going to a petstore or a breeder you are able to keep animals out of shelters and help save your tax dollars.

More About The Lost Dog & Cat Foundation

The LDCRF is a non-profit organization that rescues displaced and abandoned cats and dogs and places them in a caring home. The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation is able to keep cats and dogs from being euthanized because of at-risk situations and over-crowded shelters. Every animal that is adopted from the LDCRF has been fully vaccinated, spayed, and neutered along with any other necessary medical needs. There is also a foster program, and a lost dog ranch that helps support the adoption program. The organization is mostly volunteer based and places over 2,000 cats and dogs each year!