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During this time, we are working diligently to ensure the continuity of our business across our family of companies.We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure your entire vehicle donation process is handled in a simple and safe manner, from start to finish. Your safety is our top priority. We are working closely with our tow truck partners around the country to pick up your vehicle and ensure safe conditions for everyone. Your donation requires no physical contact with anyone. Simply fill out the form or call us to donate your vehicle. You will receive the tax deduction paperwork via mail.

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Donate a boat and feel good about contributing to the charity of your choice. We make charitable boat donation and vehicle donation easy and rewarding! All kinds of water vessels are accepted, including sailboats, powerboats, yachts, jet skis and more. When you donate your old boat, you are not only saving yourself time, you are also helping those in need. Charities receive millions of dollars in aid from our charitable boat donation program each year.

Donate A Car is the only national auto auction company to offer comprehensive assistance to our charity partners and to our valued donors. Supported by IAA Donation Division, we make the donation process more efficient than ever, allowing our partners to focus on their cause and our donors to trust our services.

Boat Donation Benefits

  • Since 1992, over 1 million automobiles (cars and trucks), boats, trailers, RV’s, motorcycles and other vehicles have been donated.
  • When you choose boat or vehicle donation, we will pick up your boat or water vessel within 3-4 business days.
  • We take care of all the legal stuff, including providing the necessary paperwork, so you don’t have to.
  • By donating your old boat, you are making a generous contribution to a trusted charity of your choice. We have great relationships with top charities like The American Red Cross, American Diabetes Association,United Way, American Association for Cancer Research, United Breast Cancer Foundation, Boy Scouts of America, USO and many more.

Maximize Your Tax Deduction

When you choose to donate a boat or other water vessels, you might be able to claim the largest qualified tax deduction allowed. We have been through the tax process thousands of times and will help guide you along the way. Visit the IRS to learn more about vehicle donation tax deductions.

Trusted since 1992, DonateaCar.com is the largest and most recommended choice for car donations and vehicle donations for non-profit charities. Thanks to generous car donation donors like you, over 1 million automobiles (cars and trucks), boats, trailers, RV’s, motorcycles and other vehicles have supported non-profit charitable causes across America. Thousands of local and national charities have been able to provide services and conduct research and outreach because of the support of car and vehicle donations. We pride ourselves in helping people take each step through the donate a car to charity process and will continue to do so.

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