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Donating you vehicle

Who doesn’t know about the Boy Scouts of America? Sir Robert Baden Powell has had a lasting influence on making the Boys Scouts of America what it has become today. Had he known about the lasting effects he would have on young men everywhere for generations he may never have believed it. He has helped to shape our young men into believing anything is possible. Scouting has a rich history of helping boys better able to succeed on their own when the time comes for them to leave home and be out on their own and thrive.

While boys are in scouting program, they have the opportunity to explore many unique and fascinating fields of study with merit badges that could help point them in a career someday. They have the opportunity to be a part of an organization that is bigger than them that can teach them vital skills that they may have never gotten anywhere else but through the scouting program. Scouts have the opportunity to go on high adventure camp-outs and see that the biggest thing holding them back is their self. Scouts also learn how to be self sufficient and to always be prepared for whatever circumstances may come their way.

There are endless amounts of valuable lessons and insights that come from the scouting program. You too can help be a part of helping to shape the next generation of future leaders and men by donating your vehicle to the Boy Scouts of America – Golden Empire Council. Help create the values and experiences these boys need to helping them realize that anything is possible with a little hard work and dedication.