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October is Down Syndrome Awareness month and we have teamed up with the ARC of Oregon to bring you several things you can do to celebrate and raise awareness for Down Syndrome.


The ARC of Oregon has been serving people with developmental and intellectual disabilities in Oregon for over sixty years by advocating for their rights and providing support through programs and services that help them live full productive lives as respected members of their community.


Here are five ideas of things that you can do:


  1. Donate a vehicle to the ARC of Oregon through Donate-a-Car and help those with Down syndrome be included and valued in their community.


  1. Carry out a Random Act of Kindness every day this month in honor of bringing awareness to Down syndrome.


  1. Share the “Just Like You – Down Syndrome” video on your social media channels. This video shows the hopes, lives, dreams and challenges of 3 children living with Down Syndrome. Their stories help viewers understand what it’s like and why they want to be treated the same as everyone else.


  1. Share the “Dreams in Reality” video with friends and family which showcases individuals with Down syndrome contributing to their communities while living extraordinary lives.


  1. Move beyond awareness into action that shows acceptance:
  • HIRE. If you are an employer, provide an internship to help give experience for a person with Down syndrome. Talk to a counselor at the Department of Rehabilitation to get something going.
  • TEACH. Offer to teach a specific skill you have to a small group of individuals with Down syndrome. Teach them how to blog, sew, make pottery, knit, learn ASL, etc.
  • ASK. Contact your local Center for Independent Living and see if they have areas of need. You may need to be persistent in reaching out to them yet your help may be invaluable.