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The Mission of the Autism Resource Center is to support families with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, to empower families to raise their children to be full members of their communities and become responsively independent and effectively interdependent, so that they are valued as gifted people and protected from harm.

  • To be an unbiased source of information about the entire autism spectrum, educational and medical treatment modalities. To provide information to families regarding all aspects of family life impacted by autism , such as education, therapies, community inclusion, support groups in order to empower them to make informed choices.
  • To be responsive to concerns and desires of the family members serviced by the center, respecting the dignity, knowledge and expertise of the families.
  • To maintain contact with other agencies and organizations, recognizing their value as sources of information.
  • To enhance public awareness of the valuable roles persons with autism assume in society through the promotion of physical and social integration.
  • To organize trainings, so that families will be aware of their rights.
  • To operate in ways that promote positive, respectful images of children with autism and their families.

How Your Donation Helps

The Autism Resource Center Central Massachusetts (a project of Horace Mann Educational Associates, Inc.) is a non-profit organization located in Massachusetts with 501(c) status. All of the money raised remains in Central Massachusetts, this is unique to other organizations raising money for autism. Thank you for helping raise awareness of Autism by donating your old car, boat or RV.

Autism Resource Center Central Massachusetts started with a group of parents with one common bond: children with autism.  Back in 1997, the diagnosis was only given to about 5 in 10,000.  It was clear that those numbers were beginning to increase, but to those parents gathered, it was still isolating, frightening, and largely unknown. Services were nearly non-existent; early intervention was usually difficult to access as the age of diagnosis at that time was usually about the age that children aged out of EI. Support programs were scattered, the Central Massachusetts region was the last region in the state to have a Resource Center funded.  Something needed to be done.

Address: 71 Sterling Street
West Boylston MA 1583

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