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Catholics for Tradition was formed for several reasons. First, they would like to be an aid in disseminating information regarding the infiltration of the Catholic Church by the modernists and how to avoid their errors and how to stay truly Catholic. Secondly, they would like to help provide the means for Catholics to defend their Faith to people of other religions, and help draw them to the Catholic Church. Third, they would like to assist traditionally ordained priests provide the Traditional Mass and Sacraments to the faithful, traditional Catholics wherever they can, by funding their travel expenses, buying vestments, Mass items, etc.


How Your Donation Helps

When the Roman Catholic Church, which had remained consistent for over 1900 years, started to change in every way imaginable in the 1960’s, people found it very hard to believe.  Some rejected the changes, some went along thinking they must be fine if the Church is responsible, and some only later rejected the changes after accepting them for a while.

In all of this confusion, where do we turn?

We saw John XXIII, who some say was consecrated bishop by a freemason, change the never-before-touched Canon of the Mass.  We saw him convene the Second Vatican Council (or Vatican II) which took our rich history and seemingly threw it all out the window.

We saw Paul VI, his successor, continue Vatican II and then attack the Mass and the Sacraments.  He abolished the Tridentine Mass, the Traditional Latin Mass, and replaced it with inferior, empty New Mass (Novus Ordo).  From the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on the altar to the meal on the table.

We watched as the sacraments were changed one by one.  From the Holy Eucharist words of consecration being changed to the form of Holy Orders to the matter and form of Confirmation, etc. etc.

Of course, we are all familiar with the removal of communion rails, Communion in the hand, altar girls, empty seminaries, new this, removal of old that, etc.

The problem with which we are faced is this:  What does this mean?  What conclusion are we to draw?  Did the Church really change?  Did Popes really lead us into error?  Or are they wolves in sheep’s clothing?

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